WoW! Miracle Copper Socks

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The WoW! Miracle Copper Socks is the ONLY pair of socks that could Automatically energize your tired feet and leg. It reduces ANY form of swell, relieves aches on your feet, and greatly enhances your blood circulation! Besides, the WoW! Miracle Copper Socks is specially made with Anti-Odor material to eliminate any breathable odors and get rid of your smelly feet once and for all!

The primary secret behind these benefits lies with the fusion of two cutting-edge technologies - 15 mmHg Graduated Compression & CuTEC Copper Infused Fibers. With the combination of these two technologies, the WoW! Miracle Copper Socks will Continuously apply controlled pressure on both legs to sooth leg tiredness, feet pain and swell.

You could easily double the benefits together with the WoW! Anti Fatigue Copper Gloves too, and for your back Copper Fit Back Pro


If you're a traveler, this pair of WoW! Miracle Copper Socks will be your best companion ever. Wear this Anytime - especially when you travel a lot or you sit all day long. If you walk a lot, and you feel extremely tired for the day, wear this before you go to bed. It helps relieve pain caused by spider veins and varicose veins.

You could also wear this for sports, such as badminton or jogging, because it gives you extra agility when you wear them.


Yes, it is Machine Washable! You can safely wash the sock in your washing machine just like the ordinary socks!


Small / Medium: Men 5-9½ & Women 6-9½ (US)
Large / X-Large: Men 10-12½ & Women 10-13½ (US)

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