Pendulum Chakra

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What better way to infuse your entire household with positive energy than hanging crystal healing pendulums in a doorway or window? Healing crystal pendulums catch and transmit light energy in doorways and window sills. You can also use crystal healing pendulums for dowsing, chakra diagnosis, chakra balancing and crystal healing.

Checking the Chakras

Checking the accurate energy flows of Chakras:  

1.   Hold the pendulum by the tip of the chain between your thumb & forefinger of your receiving hand (left for right-handed; right for left-handed) 
2.   Relax, be comfortable. 
3.   Let the pendulum rotate over the client’s chakras. 

You want each chakra to be rotating in a large, clockwise motion.

Many Uses of Pendulums

Besides checking chakra energy and dowsing, you can also use natural stone pendulums to: 

  • Hang in a sunny window to reflect the light
  • Hang from the ceiling in a healing space
  • Convert into a necklace to wear with you
  • Place it in a pouch for protection
  • Hang outside with wind charms for healing energies

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